Book Review – Business Basics for Veterinarians

Business Basics for Veterinarians Book CoverThe title says it all. This book introduces basic business concepts and illustrates them with veterinary examples that are easy to understand. The visual aids within the book are particularly helpful at illustrating complicated concepts.

Each chapter covers a fundamental topic from basic leadership, accounting, marketing, operations, and finance.

This book is clearly intended for any veterinarian or veterinary student, not just those interested in practice management or ownership.

Each topic covered can boost a veterinarian’s leadership and personal financial skills or help them better understand clients’ and practice owners’ motivations.

For those who do want to develop business expertise, this book provides a good foundation. 

I would recommend this very readable book to any veterinarian who wants to increase their basic business literacy.

You can find this book here.

If you enjoy this book, a good follow up read is The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman.

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