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There is so much I wish pet owners knew before they walked through my practice door.

I wish they knew how dangerous some over the counter medications are for their pets, that grain free diets are not actually hypoallergenic diets, or that their pet might have worms they could catch even, if the pet’s poop looks normal.

These are things that would save them frustration, money, and sometimes their pet’s life.

Even though I get to help my patients every day, I want to be part of a bigger change for animals.

As a veterinarian I only get to see my patients once, maybe twice a year. There are so many other pet lovers and pet professionals in my patient’s lives.

My dream is to create a local coalition of dog trainers, groomers, pet store folks, and dedicated pet parents that can be sources of valuable information for the other pet lovers in their lives.

On top of that, I am working through blogpaws and the online petverse to create helpful content for pet owners savvy enough to search for information online.

I also want to inspire others. I want all veterinarians to believe they have a power to make a difference and to stay positive and motivated in this profession we love but that can sometimes break our hearts.

We all have the power to make a huge difference by believing that change starts with a single person and a single step. When others see us normal people working making a difference, they’ll believe they can make a difference too.

Join me on the journey.

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