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guilty looking puppy

Shame in Veterinary Medicine

What’s on my mind: Shame is pervasive in veterinary medicine. Our clients shame us, we shame them, we shame each other. I …

From Story to Success

Off Leash Insights

Good news! Since my last post – the off-leash dogs have been on-leash each time I’ve seen them. Even though I wish …

Dachshund looking concerned and on Lap of Someone in Scrubs

5 Ways to vet your Vet

I just finished the ABC segment “Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest With You“? If you missed it, here’s the general gist: First, …

Quinn (dog) curled up on couch

Off-Leash Pets Bite

An off-leash dog charged Quinny this week. I’m still angry at myself because I did exactly the wrong thing. Without even thinking, …