Start Something – How To Change The World #3

How to Change The Wold #3 - StartCan I be honest? My mind tried to convince me that there were at least 3 other things I should do before I wrote this post this morning: 1) take a nap, 2) sort through paperwork in my untidy office, and 3) put away laundry.

Bed vs. Files vs. Laundry

But what would have happened if I had given in? It would have been hours before I sat back down in front of the computer.

Does that happen to anyone else? When there’s something important to do, suddenly it seems like there’s some trivial task that cannot wait.

It takes strength to remember that the tasks that REALLY need the best hours of my day are the ones I am the most passionate about.

I’m kidding myself if I think the nap can’t wait until later. Plus, holy moly am I lucky that I have time to take a nap!

Getting Started QuoteSo how did I conquer my own brain? Maybe my Jedi mind trick will help you. Create smallest goal possible that will get you started on a task. Once you get started it’s usually really easy to keep going.

My tiny goal was “just write the subject line.” Once this genius idea came to mind, I couldn’t stop myself from writing the rest and spending another couple of hours planning.

What is it that you’ve been putting off? What is the tiniest first step you can start on your journey? Write it down and start today. I’d love to hear from you!

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