Smile :) – How to Change the World #4

How To Change the World #4 - Smile :)

Can you guess the viral video made me think “Today is the day!” for this one? If not, check out the link at the bottom.

Smiling is magical for 2 reasons:

#1 – Smiling makes you happier

Studies show when you smile you are actually more resilient to stress, even when giving a forced smile, though the more genuine the smile, the more beneficial the effects.

#2 – Smiling is contagious

Other studies show the brain’s automatic reflex when we see a smiling face is to smile back. It takes work for the brain NOT to smile at a happy person.

Spork and KazooOften I have a good backup happy thoughts for when times are tough like sporks and kazoos, Muir Woods and lately the F group A Mighty Girl.

What always makes you smile?

I dare you to spread some contagious smiles today!

Plus, that viral video I mentioned, you’ve got to check it out. Nothing like a little kid helping put smiles on people’s faces either.

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