Feel Fear – How to Change The World #5

Feel Fear - How to Change the World

This week a friend of mine mentioned that he was about to do something really different with his life and was scared but excited.

He reminded me that everything important I’ve ever done in my life has been absolutely terrifying.

It took me a long time to realize that is normal.

If something is important to you, you’re going to worry about failing at it, so it’s completely rational to be nervous about it, terrified even.

The first time I picked up a needle and drew blood I was scared I’d hurt the pet. The first time I picked up a scalpel and performed surgery I had to take deep breaths and keep my hands from shaking.

How little would get done in the world if we never did things that scared us.

The photo below is a favorite of mine and of my husband’s from our wedding. We love it because even though we couldn’t see each other, we knew that we had both been nervous but that we were still there for each other.

CM Formals 002

These days when I’m about to do something important and I feel that wave of fear I notice it, call it what it is, and thank the fear for showing me that I’m doing something I care about. Then I surf it into the next challenge.

Plus, overcoming fear just makes victory feel even sweeter.

When have you pushed past fear and been glad you did?

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