Daring to Change the World

Hiker Looking Across MountainsIs “Vet Changes World” too daring a blog name?

At first I thought so. Thoughts like “How much of a difference will I really make?” and “What if I don’t change things fast enough?” kept pestering me.

Ages ago, as an undergraduate in college at William and Mary, I majored in business as well as biology. At first, business (marketing specifically) was a back-up major in case my veterinary dreams fell through. However, it quickly became clear that the business skills I was learning would make me a much better veterinarian.

Every day, pets live and die based on the cost of treatment and a vet’s advice. Vets who communicate well and who are cost efficient save pets’ lives.

Vets that have *key business skills* save pets’ lives.

When I realized this, I realized I could change the world. If I could teach other veterinarians these same skills, just think of how many pets we could help!

Through the rest of college and veterinary school I realized there were even more ways that veterinarians help change the world. We are shoulders to cry on, protectors of the food supply, and sentinels for new diseases. These discoveries made me feel even more empowered to make a difference.

If I’m so determined to use what I know for good, what’s the hang-up on my blog name?
Finally I had to ask myself, “Am I daring enough to declare my intent to change the world and brave enough to let others call me out on it if I don’t?”

Turns out that I am.

Hold me to it.

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